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A flexible approach to musicmaking that is informal, relaxed and enjoyable, yet uses skills and a structure born of many years
of experience..
'Instant Orchestra' has toured schools, festivals and venues around the world, and approaches its 1000th performance. No previous experience is needed to enjoy being part of this dynamic and always unique occasion for group musicmaking with the Javanese angklung, a tuned bamboo rattle.
Nico and Martin are renowned for their work with children and families and specialise in creating the atmosphere for imaginative musical journeys.
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The perfect Intant Orchestra  
"Instant Orchestra is a brilliant distillation of all that is good about interactive arts engagements with children...
Nico and Martin really are two of the best animateurs in the business". (Simon Spain, Director, ArtPlay, Melbourne)
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Artplay (Melbourne, Australia)
The Melbourne Arts Centre (Australia)
Playeum (Singapore)
The Ark (Dublin)
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